Choosing the Best Chemotherapy Treatment at Purple Ribbon Clinic in Mumbai


Introduction to Purple Ribbon Clinic Welcome to Purple Ribbon Clinic, your trusted partner in cancer care located in the heart of Mumbai. When facing a diagnosis of cancer, it can be overwhelming to navigate through treatment options. One of the key treatments for many types of cancer is chemotherapy. In this blog post, we will […]

Exploring the tech-enabled future of ENT and Gynecology

The healthcare system in India underwent several changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak. One of those significant changes was a rapid rise in demands for online doctor consultations and the adaptation of telemedicine.  To examine this digital evolution and future possibilities in tech-enabled ENT and Gynecology, we recently conducted the 22nd edition of Practo Connect webinar. […]

#ExpertSpeak: Diabetes Remission IS the way forward for India’s silent pandemic

Did you know that 1 out of 11 people in India are formally diagnosed with diabetes, while 1 out of 5 are estimated to have diabetes?  In fact, according to research, India ranks second after China in the global diabetes epidemic with 77 million people living with diabetes. And out of these, 12.1 million are below the age […]

This World Cancer Day, #AskAboutCancer

Cancer is one of the fastest rising diseases in the world. Over 8 million people around the world succumb to cancer every year. Not only is the loss of life tragic, the entire journey can be quite traumatic for the families too. What’s worse is, the incidents are rising fast. Over the next 2 years, […]

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