This World Cancer Day, #AskAboutCancer

Cancer is one of the fastest rising diseases in the world. Over 8 million people around the world succumb to cancer every year. Not only is the loss of life tragic, the entire journey can be quite traumatic for the families too. What’s worse is, the incidents are rising fast. Over the next 2 years, there is an expected 70% rise in the number of new cases.

Having said that, millions of people beat cancer every year. The medicines and treatment procedures are getting better, giving more and more people a real chance of beating it and living a healthier, longer life.

The first step towards this is awareness and early detection – which can dramatically improve your chances of winning the fight and we believe that if you have the right information and are more aware, it means you are better prepared.

However, we also realised that there is a tremendous amount of information available and it can be hard to figure out what information is really true and what is conjecture.

So today, on World Cancer Day, we’re hosting our first Live Session via Practo Consult.

Practo Consult is a platform that helps consumers get authentic answers to their unanswered health queries from real, verified, high quality doctors.

For today’s session, we have with us Dr. Ajai Kumar, Founder & Chairman of HCG, who has over 35 years of experience in the field of Oncology. Dr Ajai will be answering all your questions about cancer, what causes it, the prevention options, risk factors, ways of early detection, diagnosis, treatment options and more. He will be joined by two exemplary individuals who have fought and beat cancer – Vandana Ramnane and Amar Bhaskar – who will help us understand the softer side of fighting cancer, including getting back to normal life once you beat it.

You can submit your questions in advance or ask live during the session today between 12 and 1 pm IST.

We hope this initiative is able to drive awareness about cancer and with our live session on Practo Consult, you can get all your cancer queries answered. Because helping you live a healthier, longer life is the reason why we’re here.

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