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Home Diagnostics

Periodic diagnostics are part and parcel of Cancer treatment at home. This is especially challenging since not only it is uncomfortable and tiring for the patient to pay frequent visits to diagnostic centres, but also it is difficult for family members to take out significant time from their work and household activities every time to accompany the patient.

Keeping this in mind, we bring to you a comprehensive array of home diagnostic services for Cancer patients at your doorstep. We provide complete Cancer home diagnostics including easy booking, home sample collection in a clean & hygienic manner, and report delivery at your doorstep as well as making the reports available on your online account for easy access from anywhere at anytime. We also conduct specialized Cancer diagnostics at home based on the treatment type, such as a series of basic vital checks that are required before every chemotherapy session.

This saves your time, effort and energy and helps improve the patient’s treatment outcomes. The tests are available in standard Cancer home diagnostics packages along with options to customize your plan.

Our Cancer diagnostic service providers at home are curated to your location and have expertise in diverse areas including but not limited to:







Delivery of Medicines at Home

Medicines for Cancer patients often include a wide range of medication for physiological as well as mental well being. Further, there are different kinds of Cancer medicines to be administered such as tablets, capsules, injections & IVR infusion, skin patches, suppository infusion, and so on. Obtaining all these medicines and medical supplies for Cancer like cotton, bandages, dressings, etc. 

in a timely manner is an uphill task as family members have to keep running to the pharmacy time and again, and also the availability of all the pharmaceutical items is not always guaranteed. Further, family members of the patient also have to carry out intensive inventory-keeping so that they never run out of stock for critical medicines for Cancer.

Our home-delivery service for medicines and pharmaceutical supplies ensure that

Cancer medicines delivered at your doorstep on time

Automatic refill so that you can manage your medicine inventory effortlessly

Easily order and track home-delivery of medicines

Medicines stored and preserved in state-of-the-art warehouses

Ambulance Service for Cancer

When it comes to taking care of a Cancer patient at home, emergency ambulance service is a must. Nothing could be more scary than the sudden onset of an emergency situation where the patient needs to be rushed to the hospital. However, in most cases, family members do not have the ambulance number handy when a medical emergency strikes.

In such situations, they usually resort to dialling up the nearby hospital to send an ambulance or call up JustDial asking for contact information of local ambulance service providers. Both of these are time-consuming approaches and in a time of crisis when every second on the clock counts, the family is occupied in hunting for an ambulance provider who can send an ambulance immediately.

With us by your side, you only need to our helpline number handy and leave the rest to us. Through partnership with ambulance service providers, we provide emergency ambulance services for Cancer patients at your home for quick-response in such situations so that precious time is not lost in transporting the patient to the hospital. Our ambulances come in various sizes and are equipped with common medical apparatus such as oxygen tank and mask, IVR infusion apparatus, cardiac monitors, stretchers, sterile medical supplies, and so on.

All you have to do is dial our helpline number and get emergency ambulance services for Cancer at home. While we have a demonstrated track record of keeping our promise, if we are not able to give you an ambulance within 15 minutes, we will reimburse the amount that you pay to avail another ambulance.

Remote Monitoring for Cancer Patients

For a critical disease like Cancer, it is essential to monitor the vitals of the Cancer patient round the clock which mostly gets compromised at night when even a Cancer caregiver may go off to sleep. Our Cancer remote monitoring devices are functional 24/7 and initiate an alert to the caregiver / treating doctor the moment there is any alarming change in

the patient’s vitals such as temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and so on. This causes steep reduction in the chances of errors and significantly enhances treatment outcomes by enabling quick attention and action by the treating team. We also provide advanced cancer-related remote monitoring such as:

Tracking chemotherapy-related toxicity in the home setting

continuous updating of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Determining patient’s response to different cancer treatments

Monitoring the development of any side-effects post treatment or during post-operative care

Delivering meaningful insights to the treating team and the caregiving & nursing support team through cutting-edge remote monitoring for Cancer

Pre-cooked Cancer Meal Delivery at Your Doorstep

Our team of oncology cooks and chefs have experience in cooking doctor-recommended meals for cancer patients. Our expert onco-nutritionists in India meet each patient to identify her/his specific nutrition needs and then the meals are customised for each patient based on the onco-nutritionist’s recommendations.

Further, the cooking and Cancer meal-preparation is done under the supervision of the onco-nutritionist and any changes required in the diet based on the patient’s response are incorporated seamlessly and quickly.

Food for Cancer patients is cooked in hygienic, clean and modern kitchens using clean vessels & utensils

Oncology diet by experts is nutritionally balanced and portioned to meet your health goals, along with being tasty and varied

The cooked food for Cancer patients is delivered fresh on the same day to retain its nutritional qualities

We pack the meals in protective, leak-proof and food-grade packaging material

We ensure doorstep Cancer meal delivery in a timely manner to the patient’s home, thus, completely eliminating the family’s burden of cooking two separate meals and saving their time and energy

The patient, in turn, receives the perfect meal matching her/his treatment cycle, taste preferences and nutrition requirements, and is able to better cope with her/his medical condition

Fundraise and Insurance Support for Cancer

We help Cancer patients and their families to raise funds for Cancer treatment through leading crowdfunding platforms. Be it for procedures like surgery or chemotherapy, or for homecare expenses like nursing and caregiving, physiotherapy, etc. we help you design the most effective campaigns to raise funds for your cause and lighten your expense burden.

Further, we are in a unique position to help Stage I cancer patients avail appropriate insurance cover on a case-by-case basis, as well as to smoothen their journey of claims processing. We also recognize the need for family members of cancer patients to attain cancer-specific insurance protection, and this is another area where we extend extensive support.

To know more about these services and to check your eligibility, please reach out to us.

Our Genomic Cancer Risk Assessment is Your Best Bet to Beat Cancer Early On

Preventive Cancer care and early detection of Cancer can minimize suffering, distress and financial burden. As a part of our mission to combat cancer, we offer special services to family members of Cancer patients to help them assess the lifetime risk of Cancer. The Cancer risk factor is identified by combining cutting-edge genomics, big data and oncology.

It is used to determine the predisposition of a person towards 15 different types of Cancer as per their genetic tendencies, personal and family history, as well as lifestyle and habits.

What We Offer
A DNA-based Preventive Health Assessment Product

Painless, simple saliva based test that scans your DNA.
Broad spectrum genomic testing for Cancer – screening of over 7,00,000 markers in the human genome.

Primary Genotype Report, Personalised Genetic Counselling session (~45 mins)

Assessment of your traits, drug response profile, nutritional needs, predisposition to over 100 conditions
ecommendations report (An Action Plan for better health – personalised to your genetics).
Identifying your Cancer risk factor to 15 different types of Cancer and their possible root cause factors

Price: Rs. 15,000 Per Person

Your health is our no. 1 priority and we take all the measures necessary to make chemotherapy a comfortable and convenient experience for you with the assurance of best available medical standards at affordable prices.

Find out the nearest PurpleRibbon chemo daycare center and give us a call to block your slot.