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From Psychology to Psycho-Oncology

Did you know? More than 90 percent of cancer patients and their families have high levels of distress that are directly related to diagnosis and treatment. Psychological counselling for Cancer is at the heart of beating Cancer successfully.
Whether you are a cancer patient or are taking care of a cancer patient in your family, emotional well-being is the cornerstone of your war against cancer. The experience of Cancer is life-changing and turbulent. But, you are not alone. With increasing awareness on the pivotal role of mental health in Cancer, more and more people are seeking professional help and support. However, for psychotherapy to be effective in Cancer, you will need oncology-focused psychologists since the emotional health requirements of a Cancer patient are distinct from the needs of other individuals.
This is where we come in. Our team of professional psychotherapists are experienced in counselling and handholding you through the complex emotional journey of Cancer across the treatment lifecycle. We offer oncology-focused counselling services to address and alleviate:

How Our Counsellors Address the Psychological Needs of Cancer Patients

Even though a cancer patient may open up to the treating doctor, nurses, caregivers, or family members, such individuals or groups are rarely equipped to walk the patient through the emotional distress during cancer. As such, the patient needs access to a professional psychologist with experience in oncology-focused psychotherapy to help her/him alleviate the emotional and spiritual crisis through compassion, non-judgmental support, emotional resilience, empathy and confidentiality. This, in turn, has an immensely positive impact on the treatment outcomes and leads to palpable improvement in the patient’s quality of life.
  • Pre-existing Issues
  • Treatment Receptivity
  • Survival Counselling
  • Body Image Issues
  • Reaction to Cancer Diagnosis

Not all emotional issues stem from cancer – in many cases, patients already have pre-existing psychological issues which are aggravated by cancer diagnosis and the fears and anxieties that come bundled with it. Professional experts in oncology counselling can administer emotional intervention for Cancer through warmth and support and help manage these pre-existing challenges. Common pre-existing issues include anger management, acute anxiety and panic attacks, depression and low self-esteem. By conducting a detailed assessment right at the beginning, our counselling team is able to unearth such issues and customize the psychotherapy regime accordingly for effective emotional healing for Cancer patients.

Managing stress and cancer is no easy feat – patients often succumb to despair during the course of the treatment and lack receptivity to various treatments and procedures recommended by the treating doctor. This could be to fear, uncertainty, lack of trust, loss of hope, emotional rejection, cultural concerns and habit issues. Symptoms of lack of receptivity to treatment include fear of surgery, fear of radiation, fear of hospitals, lack of faith in doctor, lack of faith in hospital, inability to quit habits like smoking and drinking, rejection of food due to lack of taste, rejection towards family members and caregivers, and much more. Our psychologists are well-attuned to these symptoms of rejection and work towards allaying them by addressing the root-causes. This helps the patient to calm down and see what’s best for her/him objectively. Thus, he becomes more accepting and participatory in the treatment process by attuning his emotional health for Cancer recovery.

A big question that looms in the minds of cancer patients is the question of survival. In most cases, survival uncertainties crop up in the patients’ minds right at the onset of the diagnosis and continue till the final recovery and even after that. In other cases, the patient is diagnosed to be terminally ill which makes survival during the left-over days even more challenging and emotionally excruciating. This is where psychological counselling for terminally ill Cancer patients at home comes into the picture. Survival fears can also paralyze the patient emotionally after traumatic experiences such as radio-therapy, chemotherapy, surgery and so on. In each of these challenging situations, our counsellors can boost the patient’s spirits, help her/him remain hopeful, improve the quality of life, restore faith in survival and living and boost the patient’s overall state of mind significantly.

Cancer often leads to tremendous changes in the appearance of a patient such as weight loss/gain, loss of hair, surgical removal of organs like breasts in women, loss of skin quality and other physical distortions. These lead to severe body image issues among some patients leading to body shaming, lowering of self-esteem and self-love, cropping up of uncomfortable questions on one’s sexuality, loss of hope and even intimacy issues in relationships. Professional intervention from our psychological experts on Cancer can help patients overcome negative body image due to Cancer if counselling is done early on.

Being diagnosed with cancer leads to a torpedo of reactions that grip the patient all at once, leading to one or more symptoms like rage, depression, denial, grief, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), fear and fatigue. Anxiety over financial strain, fear of being a burden, worry about loss of independence, fear of abandonment and self-hate are some of the most common emotional reactions to cancer diagnosis. This is one of the most critical phases and most patients need intensive emotional support for Cancer immediately after diagnosis. Our counsellors have experience in providing such care and help the patient address painful, agonizing thoughts like “why me?” “now what?” “how will my family manage finances?” “how will it affect my relationships?” “will I become a burden on my family?”.

How Our Counsellors Address the Psychological Needs of Families of Cancer Patients

More often than not, it is not just the cancer patients who need psychological counselling – even their families often have a hard time coping with the devastating effects of a loved one being diagnosed with cancer. A professional counsellor can help with mitigation of fears and uncertainties, and can also help family members better manage their individual relationships with the patient. Our psychotherapists for Cancer family counselling can help with

Allaying the family’s concerns for the patient’s wellbeing, treatment and survival

Coping with financial distress that sets in with the onset of diagnosis and treatment

Managing daily life activities alongside caring for the patient

Coming to terms with the possibility that the patient may not survive

Staying strong in order to provide the right support to the patient

Understanding the patient and her/his emotional turmoils better

Special counselling for the family, in case the patient is a child

Couples counselling in Cancer and resolution of intimacy issues

Your health is our no. 1 priority and we take all the measures necessary to make chemotherapy a comfortable and convenient experience for you with the assurance of best available medical standards at affordable prices.

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