A Physiotherapist Has the Brain of a Scientist, the Heart of a Humanist, and the Hands of an Artist

Our Oncology-focused Physiotherapists Walk the Extra Mile to Help Cancer Patients Re-establish Connect with Their Body & Improve Their Physical Well-being

During cancer treatment, physiotherapy may not be the first healthcare field that comes to mind. However, it is a crucial element of treatment & recovery with substantial impact on physical and psychosocial well-being, cardiovascular, metabolic function, immunity, proinflammatory/anti-inflammatory homeostasis and improving the quality of life.

Physiotherapy for Cancer patients can help overcome extensive physical limitations that set in sooner or later. These limitations include cancer-related fatigue (CRF), pain, nerve damage, lymphedema (swelling of arms and legs), deconditioning, as well as incontinence (loss of bladder control). Further, the treatments themselves have various side effects such as chemotherapy – which can impair the patient’s physical resistance, immunotherapy – which could cause muscular atrophy, radiation therapy – which is sometimes associated with rigidity in joints, and so on.

Each Cancer patient experiences a specific set of conditions and impairments during and after cancer treatment which necessitates a unique combination of physical interventions, including but not limited to

The result? Fatigue, guilt, stress, mismanaged household affairs and physical draining and exhaustion.

With us by your side, you can avail trained and experienced cancer nursing professionals and offload much of the medical and non-medicare care of the patient from your shoulders. Not only will this ease the strenuous juggle of your life, but also it will augment the treatment outcomes of the patient through superior quality nursing and comforting care at home.

How It Works?

Our oncology-focused physiotherapists conduct a personalized assessment of the specific needs and design a custom rehabilitation program
Physical therapy in Cancer is focused on alleviating symptoms such as pain, burning sensations, numbness, tingling (neuropathy), cramps, spasms, and weakness, regaining strength and balance, regaining flexibility & grip, and so on.

Cancer often reduces the patient’s ability to use oxygen for the various functions of her/his body. Our leading oncology-focused physiotherapists in India design need-based aerobic regimes to help boost aerobic capacity, reduce fatigue, and maximize recovery.


A common side-effect of cancer is weakening of bones which could restrict movement and lead to bone fractures. Our Cancer physiotherapists work with the patient to help prevent bone loss and retain bone strength in a safe and comfortable manner from your home.


Through gentle massage, specially designed movements and exercises, our expert Cancer physiotherapists know what it takes to reduce swelling and inflammation in your body.


Our oncology-experts in physiotherapy are well-conversant with creating an exercise and physical activity regime tailored to maintaining the optimum body fat and a healthy body weight, while revitalizing your physical energy.


Attaining activity goals such as walking, moving, exercising, etc. are key to ensuring your physical independence and sense of freedom. Our Cancer physiotherapy service makes this happen in the most scientific and seamless manner.


Why Us?

Your health is our no. 1 priority and we take all the measures necessary to make chemotherapy a comfortable and convenient experience for you with the assurance of best available medical standards at affordable prices.

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