Do Not Count The Days, Make the Days Count.”
- Mohammad Ali, Boxer

Warm, Empathetic & Dignified Palliative Care at Home for End-stage Cancer Patients to Live The Best Possible Quality of Life

Terminal cancer patients need extensive palliative care to make the most of their remaining time. However, due to lack of appropriate palliative support at home for Cancer, they are often shifted to hospices to administer in-patient support. This may not be the best solution since
Opting for Cancer-focused palliative care does not mean that you are giving up. Instead, it means that you are doing the best that you can. Cancer Palliative care at home often has a positive influence on the course of illness and may even help prolong the life expectancy in some cases. It focuses on the patient and the quality of life that she/he can enjoy, irrespective of the stage of the disease.

The 5 dimensions of palliative therapy for cancer patients are:

To manage pain effectively, painkillers like oral morphine & other co-analgesics need to be administered by trained nurses who know the appropriate dosage. Our nurses also know how to treat break-through pain (a sudden increase in pain that may occur in patients who already have chronic pain from cancer). They advise on determining the right form of ingestion for the patient such as consuming orally or through a patch on the skin, along with physiotherapy to reduce pain and keep the body as much functional as possible.
Along with pain, other symptoms such as weakness, swelling, wounds, loss of sleep, fatigue, nutritional imbalance, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, anxiety, depression and loss of sleep are also managed through professional intervention and care.
When it comes to Cancer, coping with fear of death, managing anxiety and depression, overcoming intimacy issues and making the most of peer-based support are some of the core needs that our counsellors specialize in. Further, they also help in administering anxiolytic (anti-anxiety agent) and anti-depressants, preparing the patient for letting go of the body in peace and bereavement counselling for family members.
Patients in the final stage of Cancer still require a lot of caregiving and nursing at home by oncology-focused nurses to keep them functional, mobile, hygienic, and if possible, to improve the longevity of their life. Our nurses walk the extra mile to make this experience easier for the patient and improve their quality of life.
Spiritual counselling adds meaning to life as one approaches the end. This includes helping the patient checking off items from their bucket list, finishing pending tasks, forgiving others, seeking forgiveness & restoring faith.

We Provide 360° Life-Affirming Palliative Care at Home That is Holistic & Reassuring

Why Choose Our Best-in-class Palliative Care

Manage pain in Cancer, especially pain progression, with drugs & physiotherapy as per WHO pain ladder

Our oncology palliative experts have experience in various other distressing symptoms

We focus on psychological and spiritual aspects of the patient’s well-being

Our multi-disciplinary team helps patients live as actively and functionally as possible

We offer extended support to help the family cope with bereavement and pain of loss

The 5 dimensions of palliative therapy for cancer patients are