Not All Angels Have Wings...Some Have Stethoscopes - They Are Called Nurses

High Quality Cancer Nursing & Care at Your Home

Are you overwhelmed by the daily struggle of managing a cancer patient at home, alongside handling household chores, your job and taking care of the rest of the family?

We hear you

Having a loved one diagnosed with cancer is emotionally harrowing, but the strain of additional responsibilities takes an enormous toll on your physical energy as well. With only 24 hours in a day, there is only so much you can do, only so many sleepless nights you can spend, and only so many days you can go on without giving yourself a chance to rest & recharge

The result? Fatigue, guilt, stress, mismanaged household affairs, and physically draining and exhaustion.

With us by your side, you can avail trained and experienced cancer nursing professionals and offload much of the medical and non-medicare care of the patient from your shoulders. Not only will this ease the strenuous juggle of your life, but also it will augment the treatment outcomes of the patient through superior quality nursing and comforting care at home.

Oncology Nursing & Caregiving Services

We offer various need-based nursing options

What We Do

Oncology Nurses

  • Managing medication & IV infusions in a timely manner
  • Cleaning and dressing wounds
  • Bowel, stoma, ostomy (surgical opening for eliminating waste) and catheter care
  • Entral & PICC line care and disposal
  • Medical care post radiotherapy, chemotherapy or hormone therapy
  • Post-operative care after a surgery
  • Managing medical emergencies
  • Monitoring the patient’s response to the treatment

Oncology Homecare Aid

  • Bathing, dressing, and moving around
  • Cleaning the bed, clothes, brushing hair
  • Feeding, helping to sit up and lie down
  • Preventing & managing bed sores
  • Patient education, warmth and companionship
  • Monitoring medicines inventory
  • Reviewing pathological, laboratory and overall health history
  • Educate the family members about the treatment and care

Oncology Companion

We understand that it is not always possible for the family members of patients to take leave from office and accompany the patient for going to hospitals, chemotherapy, diagnostics, etc. which generally consume the whole day. To mitigate such circumstances, we provide a companion primarily to accompany the patient to the doctor, hospital, chemotherapy, etc. Companions may also spend time with the patient at their home, help go to nearby locations like ATMs and parks, read to them, speak with them in a comforting manner, and move within the house when the family is not around.

Why Us?

Your health is our no. 1 priority and we take all the measures necessary to make chemotherapy a comfortable and convenient experience for you with the assurance of best available medical standards at affordable prices.

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