In The Hand of a Physician, Nutrition Can Be The Highest Remedy.
- Dr. Max Gerson

We Provide Expert Diet Planning, Nutrition Management & Food Delivery Services for Cancer Patients

For a Cancer patient, perhaps the most important medicine is the food. However, Cancer patients are also the most vulnerable to nutritional challenges, such as:

The right food for Cancer patients in the right proportion and an overall nutritional balance can make a world of difference to the patient’s response to the treatment, overall quality of life, energy and vitality, and even contribute to her/his emotional well-being and a general sense of contentment.

But, ensuring the best diet for Cancer patient conducive to his health and treatment regime is no simple task. The challenges are manifold – some of the common questions that patients and their families ask are

To address these questions and challenges, we have a highly proficient team of oncology nutrition experts and dieticians coupled with customized preparation and delivery of Cancer meal at home. Our motto is to ensure that every Cancer patient gets the necessary nutrition for their health while off-loading the additional cooking burden from the family’s shoulders.

Identifying the Right Diet & Eating Plan with Our Oncology Nutrition Experts

No two Cancer patients have the same diet. Some may respond well to a protein diet, for example, while others may have to restrict their protein consumption to a bare minimum. How do you know the right diet for a Cancer patient? While the treating doctor will give you a recommended diet regime for Cancer, our oncology nutrition experts can assess the Cancer patient’s specific diet needs and create a detailed food-chart, which can then be adjusted to the patient’s response and the treatment cycle. Further, it is very important to make the necessary changes at the right time to the diet and help decrease the symptoms of cancer or cancer treatment. These changes may be in the amount of food, frequency of food, ingredients of food, consistency of food or form of food intake. For example, a patient who is not able to take in the right amount of calories and nutrients by mouth may be fed using the feeding tube, so, tube feed will be planned by our nutritionists accordingly.

Pre-existing nutritional baseline of the patient

Continuous monitoring of the patient’s physiological response to different kinds of food and regular screening for malnutrition

Specific nutrition needs in the context of the cancer type, stage & treatment

Any restrictions on the intake of fluid recommended by the treating doctor that need to be incorporated in the diet

Dietary requirements for Cancer patients based on demographic profile of the patient such as gender, age, ethnicity and preference of vegetarian/non-vegetarian foods

Specific challenges such as other medical conditions apart from Cancer like high cholesterol, blood pressure, renal issues, coronary blockage, allergies to specific food items, lactose intolerance, and so on

Specific diet types to custom-fit the patient’s needs such as chemotherapy diet, high protein diet for Cancer, oil-free diet, sugar-free diet, terminal Cancer care diet, and so on

Changes in metabolism, weight, immunity, appetite, taste, smell and emotional reaction of the patient to different kinds of food

Custom Meal Delivery Services for Cancer Patients at Home

Once the right diet for a Cancer patient has been identified, the next challenge for the family members is to take out time to cook separate meals for the Cancer patient as per the recommendations of the Cancer dietician while juggling jobs, household work and cooking meals for the rest of the family. This is where our Cancer food delivery services come into the picture to alleviate and ease the additional cooking burden off your daily routine. Our team of expert cooks and chefs have experience in cooking doctor-recommended convalescent meals for Cancer patients. We provide therapeutic Cancer diet and clinical tiffin services for Cancer patients at their doorstep.

Why Us?

Your health is our no. 1 priority and we take all the measures necessary to make chemotherapy a comfortable and convenient experience for you with the assurance of best available medical standards at affordable prices.

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