June 20

Issue 01

The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance, and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning

- Oprah Winfrey

From the Founder’s Desk

It gives me immense pleasure to bring out our first newsletter – The PurpleRibbon Times. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep all our well-wishers, partners and stake holders updated about our journey and to stay in touch with all of you more closely on a regular basis. It has been a crazy journey till now…coming from a non-medical background and trying to set up a healthcare venture catering to cancer patients is something which is really very challenging and more than that it is uper exciting.

It all started almost two and a half years back when in my endeavor of giving back to the society, I decided to step into the healthcare domain to do something for the senior citizens and formed the company CareOf. The initial idea was to set up a customer care desk which will act as a concierge services for senior citizens who are not very conversant with tech / smart phones and will help them to access services which are available on the mobile app, like booking tickets, cab, buying groceries or getting their mobile recharge done. Soon realized that the real need is not concierge services but a quality and reliable home healthcare service for those who are staying alone. Hence pivoted gradually to providing geriatric home healthcare services like trained caregivers, nursing staff, physio at home, etc.

Realized after 2 years of experimentation and learning that there is something better that can be done in the home healthcare space…and pivoted to providing healthcare specifically for cancer patients which I feel is a bigger need and valued more by the patient and his/her family.

After 2.5 years of wandering around in the home healthcare space, finally I found my True North. PurpleRibbon took birth on 4th April 2020 with the single mission of making cancer care affordable and accessible for the masses. In my endeavor to bring cancer care to the doorstep of every patient, I soon figured out the OYO model of partnering with neighborhood nursing homes and taking their idle beds on rent and converting it to PurpleRibbon chemo daycare units, and having my own nursing staff who are experienced and qualified in chemotherapy. The vision is to set up 500 such chemo daycare centers across the country by 2025.

PurpleRibbon envisions to be a partner for every Oncologists by enabling them to provide a better care to their patients by creating a network of chemo daycare centres and also providing them with a tech platform through which they can monitor their patients constantly. In this COVID era, where all big hospitals have a high chance of infection and considering that a cancer patient is very low on immunity, PurpleRibbon chemo daycare centers which is the neighborhood nursing home is the safest option for the patient to walk-in and get their treatment done from our team of trained nurses. We take care of precautions by using sanitized disposable bedsheets and pillow covers and providing PPE and N95 masks to our nursing team. We take care of transport of our nurses in sanitized cabs so that they don’t have to travel by public mass transport and get infected

We intend to partner with few credible NGOs who are dedicatedly working for this cause, and offer our services at free or nominal cost (without profit) as part of our endeavor to cater to the lower income group.

As they say that the company is built by its people, I am lucky to have a team who has been working day in and out to ensure that every patient that we cater to is treated like one of our own family members. I am proud to say that my team share the same dream and passion as mine.

May Milestone

  • Inaugurated the first chemo daycare center in Thane on 4th Feb 2020 on the ccasion of World Cancer Day. This was under the previous home healthcare entity CareOf.
  • We did our first  chemotherapy procedure on 12th Feb 2020 at our Thane center. The second one came in first week of March and then the lockdown happened due to COVID19 pandemic.
  • During the lockdown, it was difficult to convince Oncologists to refer patients as we had only 1 active center. We  then focused on  providing home chemotherapy. In the month of May, we are able to do 5 chemotherapy sessions at home and 1 port flushing.

We also got registered with StartUp India (DIPP) on 4th May 2020.

Hi thanks for your excellent service. The nurse was very good , very polite and done her procedure nicely and without any delay. She had a perfect knowledge and did her duty very well . I m quite happy and satisfied with the service of purple ribbon… excellent service and keep it up. Thanks

- Mrs Sejal Khamani

Employee Speak

I am proud to work with PurleRibbon as a Head Nurse. During this Pandemic we have got the opportunity to help cancer patients by providing chemotherapy at their  ouse when it has been difficult for them to visit hospital and get their necessary treatment. During these challenging times our qualified staff and nurses have been following all mandatory protocols with regards to safety and healthcare of themselves as well as the patient under continuous supervision of our core team as well as doctors via video conference. These are very testing times and in the coming days we hope to reach out to and help as many cancer fighters we can through our services and care.

Margaret Jagtap

Head Nurse
Purple Ribbon Healthcare Services

June Plan

During the lockdown, my team has been working hard to expand our network of daycare centers by partnering with nursing homes across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. Plan to expand our footprint to approx. 10 more centers in the month of June.
We will also be launching our Mobile app platform (iOS & Android) for patient’s lifecycle management and also to give a better control to the treating Oncologists about the patient’s treatment and health updates.

Thank You

Signing off for now…looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to write to me or reach to me on my mobile / WhatsApp. If within your known network, you have any connect with nursing homes, Oncologists, pharma companies, NGOs, Onco para-medics, interested volunteers or any stake holder in the Oncology ecosystem, feel free to connect them to me. We will be glad to partner with them and work together to expand our reach and offering with the sole focus of making life slightly easier for the cancer warriors. Oh, before I forget…the name PurpleRibbon signifies Cancer Survivor.

Stay Well, Stay Safe

- Ratul


We intend to partner with few credible NGOs


We intend to partner with few credible NGOs


We intend to partner with few credible NGOs

Recent Newsletters

Stay Well, Stay Safe

 Feel free to write to me or reach to me on my mobile / WhatsApp. 

Stay Well, Stay Safe

Feel free to write to me or reach to me on my mobile / WhatsApp. 

Stay Well, Stay Safe

 Feel free to write to me or reach to me on my mobile / WhatsApp.