If you or your loved ones are looking for a cancer home care service, there might be many questions clouding your thinking. The main reason for this is that the disease is often scary and oncology care at home is a relatively new offering. It is common to find home care services for the elderly, for those undergoing dialysis or for those who are differently-abled, but for cancer care? Cancer home care services are not a substitute for hospital-based on in-centre treatments but are a positive adjunct with them.

Why did home care services come up in cancer care?
This is a valid question most people ask but those who need it understand better. When an individual is diagnosed with cancer, it is both a physical and a mental blow for them. For a few days, it might feel that the world around them is rather going for a spin. Hospital visits, clinic and doctor visits, pharmacy visits or trips to the diagnostic labs are not only physically very tiring but also mentally exhausting. The place that these patients long to go back to is their home. So, why not shift a large part of their care to their comfort zone- their home!

How can I choose the best home care service provider for a cancer patient?
Now that you are aware and convinced about the need and ease of availing oncology home services, the next important question is “How to choose the best home care service provider?” or “What to look for in a home cancer care service provider?”

So, here’s a quick checklist you can go through to choose the best cancer homecare options near

When it comes to healthcare, we often look out for the most experienced and qualified doctor, don’t we? The same holds true even when you set out to pick a home care service provider who specialises in cancer care.

Remember to check the credentials, skills and experience of the home care service providers you are choosing to go with to make sure they are adept at handling cancer-related care. Pick a home care service provider who has skilled professionals rather than regular home care providers who are not experienced in cancer care at all.

If you are being treated for cancer, you are well aware that it is not a one-man show. The cancer treatment process has many stakeholders involved – oncologists, diagnostic centres, hospitals, cancer care centres, pharmacies and pharma companies(in few cases that need expensive oncology drugs). If you are opting for a home care service provider for a cancer patient, make sure that your service provider provides continued services at different stages of the treatment and understand the dynamics of the procedures.

A good oncology home care provider understands that many a time the service might need to be provided to the patient at a cancer centre or at a hospital instead of home. Sometimes, the cancer patient might need a personal attendant for a few days after each chemotherapy session but not during other times. Remember to check with your homecare cancer provider about their policies for continuity of care.

Cancer care is expensive! No matter how much we try to sugar-coat it, the fact remains that cancer care is a tad bit costly than other treatments. Be it the number of hospital visits, the stay at the hospital, the specialised diagnostic tests required, or the many medications that a cancer patient needs to take, it is an expensive affair. To top them all off, if you are looking for home care service providers, you may have already had doubts about how expensive they might be.

But, let’s clear the air right here! Home cancer care providers are not expensive. Based on your budget and requirement of services, you can opt for the service provider you think provides the best quality of care.

If you or your loved one are being treated for cancer, you often opt for the best doctors, medicines, labs etc., because the quality of care and their understanding of your needs matters. The same holds true when you are picking out a home cancer care service provider too.

Most of the good service providers provide you with a trial for 2-3 days with their registered healthcare providers at your home to make sure you are able to get comfortable with their standard and quality of care. So, if you feel comfortable with the care a home care agency provides, you can go ahead with them. If you were not too sure, then you can always opt for another one!
It is absolutely essential that your home care service professional understands the need of the patient and is open to communicate with him/her freely.

So, are you now confident to pick out the best home care service provider for yourself or your loved one fighting cancer? For any further queries, write to us today!