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    At-Home PICC Line and Port Flushing

    We Will Help You With PICC Line And Port Flushing At The Comfort Of Your Home

    • At-Home PICC/Port Flushing

    • Affordable & Convenient Treatment

    • Trained & Certified Medical Experts

    • Use of High Grade Sterilized Materials


    PICC/Port Flushing From The Comfort Of Your Home

    Get your PICC line and port flushed at the comfort of your home by our team of medical experts.

    All our equipments are 100% safe, sterilized and sanitized.

    The materials that we use for flushing are of quality materials, which ensures the safety of our methods.

    Our medical team at Purple Ribbon are extensively trained medical professionals. So rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    PICC stands for “Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter”. A PICC line is a catheter that is inserted into a vein in your upper arm. The catheter is then advanced and positioned in a large vein in your chest just bove the heart.

    A PICC line is placed for you to receive IV medicine for a period of time. The PICC line will prevent you from having a needle inserted in a vein each time you need medicine. Medicine is less irritating when it is placed in a large vein.

    Our team at Purple Ribbon are trained professionals in this type of work. The medical experts are equipped with every equipment and resource they require to flush the PICC line. So rest assured, the team will take care of everything at your home and you can rest easy in the whole process.

    There are several reasons that you may choose PurpleRibbon for undergoing chemotherapy within your locality, and one of the reasons is our dedication and commitment to catering the best services to all the cancer patients. Well, there are also several other causes why you would want to choose us, and some of them are mentioned below-

    Network Coverage - We at PurpleRibbons is trying to develop one of the most extensive network coverage of chemotherapy daycare centres in India. With this in mind, we have collaborated with all the nearest nursing homes in each locality to create a set up for chemotherapy that is not more than 15 minutes away from home.

    People - We have our team of nurses who are qualified professionals with 10 years of experience in providing chemotherapy care to cancer patients. Each nurse goes through a vigorous training session after having selected as a caregiver. We make sure that our entire medical team is empathetic towards the patient and skilled professionals who can guarantee the best quality treatment.

    Technology - We use start-of-the-art equipment required for chemotherapy to make sure that the patients are not in pain while taking the therapy. Additionally, we have an AI enables mobile platform that not only provides our medical team with an update about the medical face sheet of the patients, and it also helps the oncologists to keep track of the treatment timelines of every patient. To avail this facility, all you have to do is download the app, and the unique patents health reports will be automatically updated on its own that will help the physician and our team to keep an eye on the patient’s health condition.

    So now you can avoid the hassle of getting admitted to a hospital and the exorbitant cost of hospitalization without the need for you to travel long miles each month. If you are looking for the best care when it comes to providing chemotherapy in India, you are in the right place.

    An implanted port (also known as a “port”) is a flexible tube that’s placed into a vein in your chest. It will make it easier for your healthcare team to:

    • Give you intravenous (IV, through a vein) medication.
    • Give you IV fluids.
    • Take blood samples.
    • Give you medications continuously for several days. Sometimes medications must be given in a vein larger than the ones in your arms. The port lets the medication go into your bloodstream through a large vein near your heart.

    All implanted ports are made up of 2 parts: the port with a septum and a catheter.

    • The port is the starting point of fluid flow through the catheter. It sits under your skin and has a raised center called a septum. The septum is made from a self-sealing rubber material. This is the part of the port where needles will be placed. This is also called the access point.
    • The catheter is a small, plastic, flexible tube. One end of the catheter is connected to the port, and the other end sits in a large vein near your heart.

    There are 2 types of implanted ports:

    • A single lumen port is a port with 1 access point (see Figure 3). Most people will get a single lumen port.
    • A double lumen port is a port with 2 access points (see Figure 3). You can put a needle in each access point. Double lumen ports are used for people that regularly need more than 1 point of access.

    The PICC line and port are to be flushed by a medical expert using sterile fluid. This is done to make sure the catheter doesn’t become blocked. If it becomes blocked, it may not work anymore and it may have to be removed.


    If you are seeking for a mobile PICC line and port flush service at home, we can help you. The medical team at Purple Ribbon can help you with

    • PICC Line Flushing At Home
    • PICC Care At Home
    • Mobile PICC Line Service
    • PICC Line Treatment At Home
    • Implanted Port Flushing At Home
    • Implanted Port Care At Home
    • Mobile Implanted Port Line Service
    • Implanted Port Treatment At Home
    • Port-A-Cath Flushing At Home
    • Port-A-Cath Care At Home
    • Mobile Port-A-Cath Line Service
    • Port-A-Cath Treatment At Home

    Our Purple Ribbon team is a group of professionals who are dedicated to making the path smoother for all the cancer patients and their family. The mission is to start a chemotherapy daycare venture to ensure that they receive the highest quality treatment without having to travel far. But our services are currently focused on creating the best network in some of the suburbs and towns that do not have an excellent communication facility. Some of the most significant metropolitan cities are excluded for now.


    Our gold standard of chemotherapy homecare for all the cancer patient across India will be able to receive-

    • Quality care and reliability
    • Specialized care and empathetic team
    • Affordable and accessible services