Chemo @ Home

We are pioneering Chemo@Home services in India. Our team carries a portable IV stand, an infusion pump, and an emergency medicine kit to the patient’s home.

“IoT devices are used to monitor the patient’s vital during the entire duration of chemo.”

How It Works

The Home Chemo is done under the supervision of the treating Oncologist of the patient. Our medical team comprising of a trained Nurse and an MBBS Doctor gets a complete briefing from the treating Oncologist regarding the patient’s health condition and the Protocol for Chemotherapy.

The Chemo is administered by a trained nurse under supervision of an MBBS doctor who is present at the patient’s home during the entire procedure. We also keep an ambulance as a stand-by outside the patient’s home in case of any emergency.

With the help of our medical advisory team, we have designed a risk stratification framework basis which we decide which patient is safe for administering chemo at home. 

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